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   Welcome to the Team Aguilar Legal Center 

                                            Our only priority is to see that you are treated fairly 

We assist clients in their quest to navigate legal procedures in Baja California and can provide  many effective solutions, including state and federal filings and litigation on behalf of our clients who have been wronged because of illegal and predatory practices or fraud. 

In many cases, we can negotiate or litigate on your behalf to achieve relief through a settlement that could include injunctive relief or a compensatory monetary reward.  Although we have a focus on residential and commercial real estate law, we also provide counsel in the following legal disciplines:

  • ​​ immigration law
  •  contract law
  •  commercial law
  •  title searches
  •  incorporation services



The Team Aguilar Legal Center is comprised of professional licensed attorneys whose vision is to become a trusted source for legal services for clients throughout Baja California. We strive to serve our clients with truthful information and guidance to better their financial future.

We believe in:

  • adhering to all Baja California state and Mexican Federal laws 
  • promoting company processes that work for our clients and for our staff
  • having a licensed attorney review every case before services are undertaken
  • assuring that our team acts ethically and honestly
  • always being kind, helpful and professional to our clients and community.
  • challenging ourselves to continually learn, grow and improve
  • providing the public with quality counsel and service

We believe in being examples of the best legal professional team operating in the industry. We strive to operate with integrity, self-discipline and in compliance with all laws to create a lasting legacy and impact for our clients across Baja California.

Our firm is located in San Felipe, Baja, California.


Let us help you, and schedule your consultation today.